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Teachers and Paraprofessionals

quotationsFollowing her training in Each One Teach One strategies, Mickey, my paraprofessional, selected two of my lowest students to work with to build their vocabulary. The children did not qualify for special education services; however, they both needed immediate and drastic intervention. These were students who fell through the cracks. I was frustrated because my class size of 32 students did not allow me to spend enough individual time with these children. It was such a relief to know that their needs would be met, and I could focus my instruction on the rest of my class. I have seen drastic improvement in both their reading ability and their self-esteem. I am now able to differentiate instruction that includes these students instead of planning separate lessons for them.”
Julie B., 3rd Grade Teacher

quotationsWhen I requested the Each One Teach One intervention for my students, I anticipated that they would learn new English words. I did not anticipate the sophistication of those words, the impact on their self-confidence and interest in learning from each other, and their increased engagement in the required curriculum . . . and all this in just 9 weeks!

For the first time, my students are developing self-confidence to value their own intellect and the intellect of others. They are learning to trust each other in the roles of teacher and learner as each one teaches a classmate.

My students are hungry for the taste of success at school. Often teachers succumb to giving ELA students non-academic tasks so they can experience success. The intense, individual Each One Teach One academic conversations have transferred into the classroom to support the students' understanding for literacy, math, social studies and science.

Each One Teach One empowers the students to believe they can communicate in English and not to be intimidated by English. The students' interest in English vocabulary and increasing confidence in responding and communicating in English is preparing them for the competitive middle school classrooms where English is mandatory for achievement.

Each One Teach One relationships are built on believing in and acknowledging each student's competence. My fifth graders are beginning to talk about what they want to do in the future—not just tomorrow but in seven years. Adorned with their Each One Teach One higher education lanyards, the students are thinking about possibilities for continuing education in their future. They are emerging into the belief that their powerful words are truly “keys to their future.”
Fran A., 4th/5th Grade Bilingual Teacher

quotationsI am writing to document the progress one of my students made in reading using the Each One Teach One strategy, which was implemented by Mary Ann Bash. This student is an English Language Learner in my first grade classroom.

Before beginning Each One Teach One this student was reading below grade level on a DRA II. He was involved in the regular curriculum of standards based balanced literacy instruction in my classroom and making slow progress. He would read if asked by the teacher, however clearly lacked confidence and did not enjoy reading. It was obvious from his running records that he had limited word decoding strategies and was not monitoring his reading for meaning. When his miscues interfered with meaning, he rarely reread or self-corrected. He was however a hard working student and would dutifully complete assignments related to reading. I tried a variety of strategies to help him including; phonemic awareness activities, phonics activities, vocabulary enhanced by using pictures and realia, reading responses, reading comprehension strategies (visualizing, making connections, making predictions) wide reading, needs based instruction as identified by DIBELS testing and word analysis tests of DRA II, daily guided reading, partner reading, computer games, listening center activities, small group instruction, large group instruction, individual conferencing, and homework assignments. He continued to make slow progress.

His running record reading level was a 6 at the midyear check. I wondered if he would achieve the DRA II 16 expected at the end of the year. This student began Each One Teach One with a paraprofessional trained by Mary Ann Bash shortly after the mid year check. They met for 5 minutes each school day.

During the third and fourth quarters I noticed that his reading was steadily improving. He obviously enjoyed the Each One Teach One sessions. His self-confidence as a reader began to grow. His improved vocabulary gave him the confidence that was previously lacking and his newfound self-confidence led to more frequent and successful attempts with unfamiliar words and more difficult texts. He took pride in his growth as a reader and his growing ability to read and understand more difficult texts. At the end of year this student exceeded grade level expectations when his DRA II post test was a level 20. He enjoyed using his new vocabulary words in his writing as well. He used his expanded vocabulary to write longer more descriptive sentences where his intended meaning was clear to the reader. He used his new vocabulary words in the class when participating in discussions. Other students hearing these words began using them as well and would frequently ask me about their meaning or check the dictionary for a definition. On these occasions his use of a new vocabulary word became a learning opportunity for the entire classroom.

After observing the success of this strategy, I asked Mary Ann Bash to show me how to do Each One Teach One. I look forward to using this strategy to help my students improve their ability as readers, writers, speakers and listeners in the future.”
Deborah P., 1st Grade Teacher

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Rafael y hijoParents and Family

quotationsLas ayudas que Mary Ann nos ha otorgado con la lectura y vocabulario de nuestros ninos ha sido extraordinaria. Nataniel de 3 anos 7 meses esta mucho mas interesado en libros y usa nuevas palabras constantemente. Goza mucho usando estas nuevas herramientas para relacionarse al mundo que lo rodea. Mi otro hijo de 2 anos 3 meses parese querer mas y mas palabras para defenderse y dominar su entorno. Muchas gracias por su ayuda y consejos.”
Rafael O., Padre

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Business and Community Members

quotationsI first learned of Each One Teach One (EOTO) while attending an educational seminar at an organization for which I volunteer. We were learning how to read to 3-year-olds through the EOTO methodology. When I heard a real-life story of how EOTO had affected a woman and her children, I was hooked. I couldn't wait to ask if there were volunteering opportunities within EOTO.

Bright BeginningsThat was three months ago. And while I originally believed EOTO was only for small children, I quickly learned otherwise. My volunteering efforts were needed at a middle school, tutoring teenagers after school. However, these weren't ordinary teenagers. These were kids who had not lived in America for very long and whose native tongue was not English. After just one session, I realized the power of EOTO. Not only did the kids relish learning new words, they couldn't get enough! I was overwhelmed not only by their diligence in learning, but at the pride they displayed when they placed their new words on their university lanyards.

Since that first day, I have discovered many other powerful aspects of EOTO. I have seen the kids grow more and more confident, I have seen their self-esteem increase, and I have seen them acquire leadership skills. I have heard their rewarding experiences of teaching their own siblings and parents new vocabulary. And I have heard their personal stories, most of them beyond what any child their age should have to endure, and my heartstrings have been pulled.

Now I am invigorated to “tell the world” about EOTO and enrich as many lives as possible. EOTO provides its learners the “keys to their futures” and access to lives where all of their dreams are possible. It only takes one person to teach another person, then that person to teach another, and so on. We, as a community, can leverage volunteers to provide what the schools cannot. It's so easy—yet so extremely powerful!”
Terri B., Community Volunteer

Lisa Y.

quotationsI have told you all about Each One Teach One, the system of reading, communicating, relationship building and vocabulary advancement like I have never seen. It is on a volunteer, one on one basis that blossoms into the kids teaching other kids AND their parents and relatives, many who have no or limited English language. It is impossible to explain, it must be seen. There is no obligation to get involved, but I would like you to be educated about it. We are getting some dates together for mini training sessions. This truly could change lives and ramp up the failing education system we have in our fine country.”
Lisa Y., Community Volunteer

quotationsI am writing to recommend the Each One Teach One literacy program as an excellent investment for your time and resources.

I am the Resident Services Coordinator for 170 families living on five affordable- and subsidized-housing properties. In this role one of my biggest concerns is to give the children on our properties the developmental opportunities they need to thrive. Given the socioeconomic and educational challenges our families face, I am particularly aware and appreciative of programs that are willing to come to the children and that successfully engage our kids in learning the skills they will need.

Mary Ann Bash has worked with seeming effortlessness across language barriers and across generations, from infants and siblings to mothers to grandmothers. Her system is engaging and empowering to anyone willing to sit with her for five minutes. Squirming children are transfixed and parents are inspired. Best of all, it is clear that the children we engage in this system are learning new vocabulary at a rapid pace.

ArchdiocesWe are even seeing improved vocabulary in adult Spanish speakers, one of whom claims she has had no success in English-as-a-Second-Language classes. The Each One Teach One group has truly united people on my property, as single moms, school-aged kids, multigenerational families, and non-English speakers have all participated and supported one another.

I first heard of Each One Teach One through a parent who was participating at her daughter's school, and I now personally recommend the Each One Teach One program without reservation. Most tellingly, I am not the only one encouraging families to participate. I will never forget the day one of the mothers in the group came into our center and invited another parent by telling an anecdote about how her three-year-old had just described her daddy as “devouring” his supper!

I am so pleased to work with and promote Each One Teach One's excellent programming. If there is any way I can support your partnership with them, please let me know.”
Belinda L., Archdiocesan Housing

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quotationsAs a retired educator, I’ve observed many programs and approaches to learning as a teacher, principal, and superintendent. None can parallel the efficiency and efficacy of Each One Teach One! 

Why? Because it’s about relationships first! The relationship between the tutor and the student, between the student’s level of English comprehension and academic needs and the words learned, and between the student and “the world” he wants and needs to enter. This mode of learning relies on one-on-one conversation (the most effective of all interventions); it is completely individualized and paced, visibly building the student’s self-confidence and self-assurance along the way.

Retired EducatorsIn addition, the use of some basic, but important, formulae of formality in our culture, help the students (who are often disadvantaged and new arrivals to our American culture) to effectively introduce themselves to strangers and persons of different ages and to reflect dignity, poise, potential, and respect to others.  For students such as these, this “peripheral learning” takes on enormous importance. For, what is the significance of extending one’s English vocabulary if one can’t use it to interact more effectively and self-confidently in the classroom and with peers, and to advocate for oneself appropriately in the work setting as they enter adolescence.

You see that Each One Teach One is multi-faceted, yet simple, focused and fun for students of all ages (and even adults!). It’s easy to train anyone—even elementary students and retirees—to become tutors. In this role one can witness first-hand the week-by-week progress each student is making and feel the satisfaction of contributing lasting skills to these eager young members of our community.

What greater satisfaction can any volunteer experience!

-Dr. Mel Preusser, Retired Colorado Educator

quotationsAlthough I retired from teaching, I have returned to complete many long-term substitute assignments. During my last assignment as a school librarian, I witnessed Each One Teach One, a program that worked. It included excited teachers, capable volunteers, and engaged students. I saw students who were polite, who were learning high level vocabulary words, writing complex and interesting sentences, and talking about literature. Many of these students were those who are not so successful in a classroom.

During the summer I participated in the teacher training workshops and became one of the excited teachers in the EOTO program. With ongoing coaching, I learned and taught a new way to literacy for all children. I have not been this excited about a teaching practice in over a decade. This practice will be threaded through all of my work in the classroom even as a substitute teacher. Vocabulary will drive lessons and students will do more of the speaking.

I have even toyed with the idea of coming completely out of retirement - that is how enthusiastic I am about "Each One Teach One"! It works!!

- Marcia B ,Retired Colorado Educator

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