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Keys to the Future
Donate university and post-secondary lanyards to carry students' “Keys to the Future”

children and their lanyardsWords are “Keys to the Future”: They open doors

Students carry their “keys” on college, university, and post-secondary lanyards. We accept any style lanyard: woven/printed, wide/narrow, hook/ring. Finding these institutions of higher education on a US map offers an engaging geography lesson and possibilities for their future education. Click here to see our flyer on lanyard donations.

To donate college, university, post secondary lanyards, or other in-kind supplies, mail to:

Greenwood ECE–8 School
Attention: Each One Teach One – Mary Ann Bash
5130 Durham Court
Denver, CO 80239

If you would like a receipt for a charitable contribution of goods, please indicate the value of the lanyards and an address where we can send a charitable contribution letter for your tax records.

children and their lanyards